[python-nl] django/python meeting split?

Marcel van den Elst marcel at progressivecompany.nl
Mon Apr 30 19:30:16 CEST 2012


 > I'd personally like a pyramid talk at
 > the september Python meeting (Wichert, how does Utrecht sound?)

We're currently moving away from Django + Tastypie to Pyramid + 
MongoEngine + TastyMongo (which is our adaptation of Tastypie to Mongo 
and Pyramid) so we should be up to date on the topic in september.

Rationale is that we used a minimal amount of Django (neither the admin 
interface, nor templates) and most got in our way instead of helping us 
out. We're not there yet, but so far we're loving the new experience!

Pyramid is lightweight, very cleverly designed, at least as proven as 
Django, it has much nicer Request and Response objects and object level 
permissions are a breeze. Of course YMMV if you need any of the Django 
specific stuff.

Whether we end up using this stack in the end remains to be seen, but 
either way we can shed some light on our endeavours in September if 
anyone's interested.

Marcel van den Elst.

On 29-04-12 22:06, Reinout van Rees wrote:
> On 27-04-12 11:42, Dirkjan Ochtman wrote:
>> So perhaps the general sentiment is that Django venues are more
>> web-focused than other Python-related gatherings?
> By nature, django is all-web, of course, so by definition it wins.
> Reinout

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