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In some online situations new people are requested to introduce  
themselves when joining a group. That was a fine introduction. :)

Are you going to the next Python Users Nederland meeting?

It'll be held on wednesday 15 February 2012 at ABC Treehouse in  
Amsterdam. Starts at 19:30. Hosted by Maykin Media and ABC Treehouse.

If you plan on joining, put yourself on the visitor list at the  
python.org site:
Route: http://www.treehouse.abc.nl/index.php?page=location

If you can make it people will pick up the thread face to face.


On 8 Feb 2012, at 13:32, Pawel Przeradowski wrote:

> Hello all,
> I hope you don't mind I am posting this here. I've seen people  
> posting job offers here so I thought it might be a good idea to post  
> a job request here.
> My name is Pawel and I am a 25 year old expat living in Amsterdam  
> for about a year now. I've been working here as a Senior Web  
> Developer last year where I was responsible for key design  
> decisions. I left my previous job hoping to find some Python- 
> oriented software houses.
> My main area of interest is Python ecosystem along with its various  
> implementations like Jython and IronPython apart from canonical  
> cPython. I've been using Python for 4 years now. Lately I've been  
> looking a lot into PyPy and made it my host implementation for daily  
> usage. I am closely tracing their progress in speed-ups, JIT, numpy  
> and Python 3 implementation effort.
> I did several Python web projects. My favourite development stack in  
> this area is based on Pyramid, Mako, beaker and sqlalchemy. I am  
> using virtualenv and pip to manage my dependencies. Apart from sever- 
> side work I am capable of slicing and doing all the front-end work.  
> I am a HTML5 evangelist, proficent with CSS and accompanying browser  
> rendering issues on different platforms. jQuery, backbone.js and  
> modernizr are my friends.
> I am a perfectionist. My goal is to write clear, scalable and  
> documented code. All code I write runs seamlessly on Python 2.5,  
> 2.6, 2.7, 3.1, 3.2 with single code base sometimes using "polyfills"  
> like six library. I use tox with nose to run my test-code on  
> different version and different implementations (like PyPy) keeping  
> an eye on coverage above 90%. I can also write selenium web driver  
> tests and use Jenking/buildbot for continuous integration. I am  
> capable of writing narrative and generating api documentation. I've  
> been using Sphinx and restructured text to accomplish this. All code  
> I commit is PEP-8 compliant. I use pyflakes to detect dead code. I  
> know even and odds of setuptools, distutils and distribute. I am  
> used to Agile development patterns with release cycles based on  
> branches, merges, rebases and forks. I've been using Mercurial and  
> Git for versioning.
> I have strong functional and OO background trying to accurately mix  
> both styles according to problem that needs to be solved. I've been  
> always following Zen of Python in this area preferring easy  
> solutions to complex problems.
> I have experience with programing and marinating broad variety of  
> database systems like PostgreSQL, MySQL and more. These days I  
> prefer noSQL system more where MongoDB is my favourite as it feels  
> much more appropriate for python philosophy than relation databases.
> Besides Python I am proficient with C/C++. I frequently weave both  
> with help of ctypes. I of course know SQL and pg/plsql. I did large  
> codebase in PHP. I also eagerly program in JavaScript.
> I am long-time UNIX-based OS user. I can administer and monitor  
> Linux based machines. I am familar and a big fan of Amazon Web  
> Services. I've been using Amazon EC2, EBS, S3, SES, VPC a lot both  
> at my previous job and privately.
> For some code, test examples check out my Open Source project  
> Pystacia (http://liquibits.bitbucket.org/). It's a Python raster  
> graphic processing library. The repository is located here: https://bitbucket.org/liquibits/pystacia/src 
> .
> Some more tags and technologies: SEO optimization, Facebook API,  
> Twitter API, Zencoder, Red5, WebSockets, gevent, cloud, distributed  
> programming, messaging, AMQP
> I hope I explained the set of skills I posses pretty well. If you  
> feel there is a job for me in your company please contact me back or  
> respond below.
> Kind regards,
> Pawel Piotr Przeradowski
> przeradowski (at) gmail.com
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