[Python-porting] 2to3 speed

Vladimir Perić vlada.peric at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 13:07:15 CEST 2011


I'm trying to port SymPy[0] (symbolic mathematics library) to Python 3. The
goal is to use a single code base and then run 2to3 automatically when
building for Python 3. Unfortunately, I've hit a small problem: running 2to3
takes a _long_ time, somewhere around 10 mins. This is a problem for users,
but a particularly big one for me as it makes development last much longer
(the change (Py2) code, run 2to3, test cycle takes a long time). Is there a
way to speed up 2to3 execution? I do realize we've got quite a large code
base. Will running 2to3 with some fixers disabled help with running time
(ie. if I know I've fixed reduce and callable before, I might as well
disable the fixers)? Any other advice to making it run faster?

Thanks a lot!

[0] http://sympy.org/

Vladimir Perić
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