[Python-uk] Fourth Cambridge gathering

Edward Welbourne Edward Welbourne <eddyw@lsl.co.uk>
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 13:11:34 +0000

So last night three Cambridge pythoneers gathered for a pint or N and
talked about assorted things for a few hours.

Among other things, we came up with a venue for next meeting: CB2.
Our excuse is that it's getting near Christmas.
Date: to be decided from amongst

Tuesday 7th, Thursday 9th or Tuesday 14th of December 1999.

Those who might make any or all of the above, please speak out and
indicate which dates you could make (among these, preferences might be
honoured if stated).  Directions to CB2 follow (it's a restaurant,
closely allied to CB1, which is a cyber-cafe).  I'll send out a 
message on Friday 3rd saying which date is chosen, and I won't take into
account in making that decision any information received after that date.

We also now know that each day of the week has at least someone who'd be
interested in coming but can't make that day of the week.  Which is a
pretty impressive crowding of schedules when only five folk have been
taken into the survey and two of us are unconstrained.  This probably
means we'll be more adventurous about dates of future meetings, but that
can wait until the new year.

I rashly babbled about re-inventing class structure from currying:
and adjuncts, notably python.py and class.py (which has a __call__
attribute ...).

Both Michael and Paul mentioned things for which I want to see URLs ...
but my forgettory has gotten hold of the subjects.

To reach CB2 from The Boat Race (pub, next to Blockbuster video by the
lights on East Road) is easy: cross East Road at the lights and keep
going away from the City (along a road whose name I suspect of being
Norfolk Street, but I vague) watching the premises on your right for a
sign saying CB2.  If you've gone more than a hundred yards from The Boat
Race, you've over-shot.

So now all I have to do is explain how to find The Boat Race.

Coming from Town: head for the Grafton Centre but go down the wide
boulevard that you'll find on its right - Burleigh Street, at the far
end of which you'll find The Boat Race, lights and, as above, CB2.

From the North (e.g. Chesterton) follow Elizabeth Way across the bridge,
keep `straight on' at the roaring roundabout where it crosses Newmarket
Road and becomes East Road; at each set of traffic lights, check for a
pub on your right called The Boat Race - the relevant lights are at a
narrow part of the road.  If you reach Fire Station, Parker's piece or
the Roman Catholic church you've overshot.

From any other direction: infer from the above.  If you don't know how
to find East Road, ask me privately !

Parking (for the petrochemically inclined): the Grafton Centre and its
great big Cinema complex have multi-story car parks accessible from
East Road and from Maid's Causeway (what Newmarket Road and Jesus Lane
are called in between being one another).  From either of these, it's an
easy matter to reach East Road and follow directions as above from North.