[Python-uk] Second U.K. meeting

Michael Charlton mcharlto@nortelnetworks.com
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 09:39:42 +0100


	The second U.K. meeting of the python users group took place last
	at the Princess Louise pub central London. In attendance were:

		Andy Robinson
	   	James Cooley
		Laurie Tratt
		Michael Charlton

	Talk and beer followed by a slap up meal (and more talk) at the
Tokyo Diner.

	This was just a kick-off meeting to gauge interest in Python and to
see if it	
	would be feasible to hold another meeting.

	One topic for discussion was raising the profile of python in both
industry and 
	the media. Any ideas?

	Also what format do you want a meeting to take?. Again post your

	Feedback appreciated



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