[Python-uk] Second U.K. meeting

Gary Pennington Gary.Pennington@uk.sun.com
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 08:46:10 +0100


I'm promoting Python inside Sun as a rapid prototyping development tool
which is exceptionally well integrated with Java(through JPython). I'm
making a few converts but progress is very slow, lots of Java and Perl
language bigots and very few people with a sufficiently open mind to
consider alternatives.

Now that's inside Sun ( a relatively open-minded sort of place)!! I
wonder how people are getting on elsewhere?

Anyway, I think that the best way to raise Python's profile is through a
combination of the tried and tested techniques of :-

Product Placement/Positioning
	Magazine/Journal Articles

Case Studies
	Promote Python role in Project/Product
	e.g I just finished writing X and it uses Python as a customisable
scripting language, etc...

Internal Meetings
	Architect BrainDump Meetings
	Development Strategy Meetings
	Development Proposals

External Meetings
	BCS Branch Meetings
	BCS Specialist Group (whichever is most appropriate or a new one for
	Other Computing Professional Organisations (OCPO - new acronym?)
	Academic Meetings

At some point if everyong plugs away at the above then we should make
some progress. If someone volunteered to co-ordinate the above and
capture feedback then we could all see the big picture and be heartened
by the progress that is being made. Maybe publish the informaton on a
website, maybe make the website a capture point where people could enter
feedback directly and make the system self-documenting?


PS I don't have time to do the co-ordination role, but I would be able
to put in a tiny amount of time to setting up such a website if one
could be organised and managed by somebody.

PPS A small fund for promoting Python? Subs to cover PSA membership and
website maintenance.

Michael Charlton wrote:
>         The second U.K. meeting of the python users group took place last
> night
>         at the Princess Louise pub central London. In attendance were:
>                 Andy Robinson
>                 James Cooley
>                 Laurie Tratt
>                 Michael Charlton
>         Talk and beer followed by a slap up meal (and more talk) at the
> Tokyo Diner.
>         This was just a kick-off meeting to gauge interest in Python and to
> see if it
>         would be feasible to hold another meeting.
>         One topic for discussion was raising the profile of python in both
> industry and
>         the media. Any ideas?
>         Also what format do you want a meeting to take?. Again post your
> comments/criticisms/ideas
>         here.
>         Feedback appreciated
>                                                         Regards
>                                                                 Michael.
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