[Python-uk] Adoption of Python

Matthew Dunn matthew.dunn@cis.co.uk
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 18:29:17 +0100

I work in a group called DSSG (Distributed Systems Support Group) in CIS
(CoOperative Insurance) in Manchester.

We have recently rolled out a large proect with heavy use of Python, wxPython

Our sales force have been issued with replacement laptops (about 2500 so far)
running win98. My colleagues and I have written an infrastructure for these
users so they can down/upload data, receive software updates, send/receive email

For this, we used Python. We love it. We are but a few, but our numbers are

As well as this infrastructure, we have written a suite of intranet-served
applications in Python - this is where python gets extremely useful - running on
We have produced a bunch of modules, one containing functions for all HTML tags,
one for implementing style sheets etc. At some point we'll package them up and
offer them for download by others.

Anyway, that's my t'penneth worth. Just wanted to let you know that some people
in the UK are taking Python seriously as a development platform for reasonably
large proects.

Matt Dunn, DSSG, CIS Ltd.


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