[Python-uk] 2nd London UK Python meeting

Andy Robinson andy@robanal.demon.co.uk
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 20:25:38 GMT

On Sat, 16 Oct 1999 22:04:44 +0100 (GMT), you wrote:

>Therefore, the next meeting of the ``Putney Chapter'' (non-Putney people
>welcome, of course!) of the Python-uk group will be:
>   Tuesday 19th October
>   Bier Rex (for location, see above)
>I don't know the time -- I'm guessing 7:30.

I'm happy to start even earlier and will be there from 7:00.
=46or those not in the know, Bier Rex does Belgian beers and has very
comfortable sofas - you need them after some of those 11% brews. =20

Talad Thai is on Upper Richmond Road - from Bier Rex you stagger up to
the crossroads, turn right towards Richmond, and go about 400m -
basically the last bunch of shops on the right before it becomes
residential.  It is a cheap Thai 'kitchen' with stainless steel
tables, help yourself to drinks from the fridgem and rock-bottom
prices - and some of the best Thai food I've had in the UK.  Tha catch
is that it is very popular - we may need to queue for a table for 15
minutes, and should aim to be there by 9:00.

If anyone is arriving late, I'll have a mobile - 0976-355742 - you can
use to locate us.

Now for a small request.  My wife Alisa is doing a part-time MBA, and
her dissertation is on Open Source software, and whether iot is a
sensible strategy for anyone launching a new software business.  She
needs some feedback from a few computer people on a questionnaire she
is designing aimed at corporate developers and IT managers.  She's
going to come for the food part and might ask a few of you for some
opinions. =20

See you all,