[Python-uk] Promoting Python in the UK

Duncan Booth duncan@rcp.co.uk
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:06:22 +0000

> Longer term: I now have a Starship account and Zope access.  I am
> desperately overworked for the next 2 weeks so do not expect much this
> month, but plan to arrange it so people can all sign in to the Python-UK
> pages, maintain them, and build up databases for this kind of thing.  In
> Zope, the manager of a folder can create new users below it; so we can
> have sections for internal group information and for public consumption,
> and build databases for members' info as discussed, or have members'
> pages.  If it works, we can probably arrange a snappy URL like
> http://starship.python.net/python-uk/.  Who wants to learn Zope and help
> build this stuff?  Who's already done it? Any better ideas how we can
> manage databases?

<delurk on>
I have a fair amount of Zope experience, so I am quite willing to help 
out (work permitting) if you want to set up Python-UK space on a 
web server.

For the record:
Why I started using Python: blame Tibs.

Main use for Python: prototyping things in 10 lines of code so I can 
then rewrite them in 100 lines VB or 1000 lines C to keep other 
people happy.

Subsidiary use for Python: when someone says "how do I do ..." I 
can throw them a solution in Python and tell them that the solution is 

Main Pythonic claim to fame: I ported Python to the Psion series 5. 
In fact I actually ported Nethack first and then re-used large chunks 
of the Nethack port in the Python port.

Python Advert: Python for the Psion is downloadable from my Zope 
powered web pages. [Sorry folks, I haven't yet ported Zope to the 
Psion, although it would be nice.]

Zope stuff:
  http://dales.rmplc.co.uk/Duncan is all Zope powered. Mostly just 
plain pages, not too much Zope magic except for the download 
pages and most of that is hidden from the public.

  http://www.rcp.co.uk/distributed is also Zope powered. Again its 
mostly an ordinary website with a fancy download page. It also 
includes a series of screen grabs of a WAP demonstration written 
entirely using Zope. The WAP demo itself is on the Zope server at 
http://www.rcp.co.uk:9080/wap, but you need a WAP browser or 
mobile phone to run it for yourself.

Anyone fancy an Oxford area meeting?

Duncan Booth                                             duncan@dales.rmplc.co.uk
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