[Python-uk] Promoting Python in the UK

Duncan Booth duncan@rcp.co.uk
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 09:22:28 +0000

> Duncan, how much work is involved in what I was
> suggesting?  Basically, 
> - folder for members only
Probably best to do a structure like www.zope.org with a folder 
'users' that in turn contains a folder for each user. That would mean 
each user could protect their own personal space, but it shouldn't 
prevent them sharing objects with other users.

> - folder for public
Top level folder with some views of the things you listed below, 
possibly using KMNetNews or maybe Squishdot as the basis for 
news postings.

> - some basic databases everyone can maintain such as
> 1. members' directory, 
> 2. list of "python sightings"
> 3. upcoming calendar events
> 4. draft documents for discussion
> I also am very conscious not to impose an extra
> administrative burden on Chris Tismer.  Does this
> stuff require much work by the top-level
> administrator?  
It shouldn't do as one of the features of Zope is that new users may 
be defined at any level of the site hierarchy. Until the Zope Portal 
Toolkit is available I think we would have to roll our own forms for 
signing up new users (or do it manually).

> If so, would we be better off with a Zope site of our
> own on Phil's machine - or on yours ? :-)
The features we might need that require the site administrator's 
cooperation are:
* Adding external python methods.
* Adding any 3rd party Zope products
* Defining any new ZClasses.
* Creating external databases.
Which I think adds up to saying that no of course you don't NEED 
administrative access, but it helps. I say we go for a Zope server 
that can be kicked when necessary.

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