[Python-uk] City Python meeting in October?

Peter Hall peter.hall@snellwilcox.com
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 11:53:12 GMT

>It might be an idea, first of all, to find out more about us. 
>What do we actually use it for - can we have a real meeting that most of >us
won't fall asleep in?
I've been using python on and off for a year, writing one off tools and
prototyping larger projects with it.  I also use JPython stuff quite a lot as we
have quite a lot of JAVA libraries that I can't be bothered to rewrite if I
don't have to (legacy in code in java... :).
I'm still fairly new to Python, but getting more used to it all the time.

>How many people are even within striking distance of London, especially >for
semi-regular meetings?
At the moment I'm working in Hampshire, but I'm a student at Imperial College,
so come the start of October, I shall be living in London, near Paddington.

>Would anyone be interested in meeting up in London in the first week
>in October?  
Sounds good to me...

>If so, what would you be looking for?  Discuss Python over beers
>informally?  Get a meeting room somewhere and a projector and have
>talks before hitting the beers?  


Peter Hall.