[Python-uk] Re: City Python meeting in October?

Sean Mc Grath digitome@iol.ie
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 21:01:25 +0100

Hi Dave,

PPSI's European wing is my company Digitome (http://www.digitome.com).
Based in Dublin, Ireland. We do Python training and support throughout

>I am a software engineer in Hemel Hempstead, working for a major network
>hardware company. I discovered python a couple of years ago and spent many a
>happy hour playing around at home, and have now managed to introduce it in
>my current project at work in the form of JPython, since most of the project
>is being done in Java, and CPython + win32 extensions for other utilities.
>Off topic, does anyone know of companies doing python training & support in
>the UK? Is there anyone from PythonPros on the mailing list?  I vaguely
>remember talk of them setting up a uk/europe branch, but cant find any
>mention of it on their website.
>            Dave Kirby

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