[Python-uk] Cambridge Python meeting in September?

Edward Welbourne Edward Welbourne <eddyw@lsl.co.uk>
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 15:30:08 +0100

> integrating odes

What a pleasantly poetic twist ;^)

Yes, there will be Cambridge meetings - possibly starting some time next
week.  Thanks for mentioning back rooms ... May-pole is good ... what
other pubs do you know of with back rooms in Cambridge ?  Ideally doing
food as well (since that'll make early evening meetings easier for the
full-time employed among us) and/or with a scribbling board ...

For that matter, what'd be our chances of teaming up with a relevant
undergraduate society with access to seminar-equipped rooms ?

So, for a preliminary stab at getting something off the ground, how do
folk in Cambridge feel about a meeting next Wednesday (Sept 29th), at
The Wrestlers' on Newmarket Road, say 8pm ?  Please comment, in
responses, on capacity to cope with other days of the week.  Yes, I've
made arbitrary choices here, in hopes of getting enough of us gathered
over a pint to have a thorough discussion of places/times for future
moots.  So primarily a planning meeting, but I hope we can all have fun
discussing interesting stuff too ;^)

I have a hat, such dark blue you might call it black, trilby-like in
shape.  I am tall, bespectacled and long-haired.  That should leave you
with only about half a dozen folk to ask ;^>  If you have anything nice
and obvious like a python to bring with you, you can act as our
standard-bearer and the rest of us will find you.

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