[python-uk] Last chance for ACCU conference....

Andy Robinson python-uk@python.org
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 09:59:40 -0000

I previously mailed people directly about the ACCU Spring
Conference.  This is the last chance to have a Python track!
We can have either one or two days.

Dates: April 3-6
Location: Oxford, Stratford on Avon or somewhere in between
Costs: free for speakers; tba but under 100 per day for

Last year involved an exceptionally good dinner/pissup.

Can anyone give a talk on anything at all?  Case studies,
tutorials, cool code you have written?  If so please
reply pronto with a talk title, desired time and short
(100 word max) synopsis.  We have perhaps 2 days left.

I will do a general Python tutorial for beginners, and
ReportLab can give up to 2 hours on our reporting and
charting tools.  But we need some other stuff from other

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson
CEO and Chief Architect, ReportLab Inc.