[Python-uk] intro - pythoneer in Brighton

jon Nicoll jkn@nicorp.f9.co.uk
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 10:23:02 -0000

Hello there
    I've just come across the Python-UK mailing list and thought I'd
announce my presence. I'm a SW/embedded electronics engineer currently
working in Brighton, where I moved to from 'Silicon Fen' (Cambridge) last
year. I've been on the enjoyable learning curve of Python for 3/4 months
now - I'm currently ontracting, but my client is easy-going and pretty much
lets me use 'the tool for the job'. I've been using Python for a custom UDP
trace and analyse tool which runs with embedded systems running an SDL
kernel - it's worked well.

I've also been wondering about interfacing Python to other parts of the
world. I've started getting into Piddle, and have written a simple module
(very like Les Smithson's ioport module) to access the I/O ports of the LPT
port directly on an 80x86 PC. Ideally I plan to experiment a bit with using
Python for small industrial control etc.

It'd be nice to meet up with other in the UK - I can make it to London given
sufficient notice etc. Nice to see Andy Robinson here - the O'Reilly
Python/Win32 book is excellent!

    Best Regards
    Jon Nicoll