[Python-uk] UK Python meeting in Oxford?

Duncan Booth duncan@rcp.co.uk
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 15:48:07 -0000

I don't know yet if anyone on this list other than Andy and myself 
will be at the ACCU conference, but would there be any interest in 
meeting in a pub in Oxford on either Wednesday 28th or Friday 
And if so, can anyone suggest a suitable pub.

Duncan Booth                                             duncan@dales.rmplc.co.uk
int month(char *p){return(124864/((p[0]+p[1]-p[2]&0x1f)+1)%12)["\5\x8\3"
"\6\7\xb\1\x9\xa\2\0\4"];} // Who said my code was obscure?