[Python-uk] UK Python meeting in Oxford?

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 17:11:58 -0000

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> Subject: [Python-uk] UK Python meeting in Oxford?
> I don't know yet if anyone on this list other than Andy and myself 
> will be at the ACCU conference, but would there be any interest in 
> meeting in a pub in Oxford on either Wednesday 28th or Friday 
> 30th?
> And if so, can anyone suggest a suitable pub.

I know dozens, from 3 years of full-time research long ago :-)
Let's fix the exact pub nearer the time, as the conference
people probably have one in mind.  

I won't be there until Thursday, when the conference starts;
on Friday night there is a general reception from 17:45-19:30
so I guess the thing would be to meet there and degenerate
from that point onwards.

- Andy