[python-uk] Europython conf? (was How about a meeting sometime?)

Andy Robinson python-uk@python.org
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 10:00:41 +0100

> So keep your eyes open for next year. Meanwhile I
> understand from Andy Robinson that the UK Python conf
> will be happening again at ACCU 2003; can Andy confirm
> this?

Yes!  Francis Glassborow and I spoke just before EuroPython.
He is happy for things to be bigger and bigger, and keen
to get some well-planned 'crossover' talks on Python/C++
and Python/Java which could attract hundreds of people.

Provisionally April 4/5 2003, location to be determined
but I bet it is near Oxford which is Francis' home.

Here's what I'd like:  we suggest that EuroPython in Charleroi
moves to October 2003 and we make the ACCU one a "EuroPython 2".
We can call it whatever we want.  The really great thing is
that all the organisation is done for us.  With enough lead time
and if we can attract 100+ people I think we can afford to fly
Guido over as well.  I would like to see him on a panel
getting equal billing with Stroustrup and whoever the Java luminaries
are :-)

p.s. I am away until September 1st so cannot join you in
the pub.  Sorry.

Best Regards,