[python-uk] Europython conf? (was How about a meeting sometime?)

Duncan Booth python-uk@python.org
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 11:03:25 +0100

On 16 Aug 2002 at 10:00, Andy Robinson wrote:
> Yes!  Francis Glassborow and I spoke just before EuroPython.
> He is happy for things to be bigger and bigger, and keen
> to get some well-planned 'crossover' talks on Python/C++
> and Python/Java which could attract hundreds of people.

I also want to see (and possibly give) some crossover talks.

> Provisionally April 4/5 2003, location to be determined
> but I bet it is near Oxford which is Francis' home.

I thought they already had the venue booked? They seemed very keen 
on the Holiday Inn at Oxford because both the C and C++ standards 
committees are going to be there at around the same time.

> Here's what I'd like:  we suggest that EuroPython in Charleroi
> moves to October 2003 and we make the ACCU one a "EuroPython 2".
> We can call it whatever we want.  The really great thing is
> that all the organisation is done for us.  With enough lead time
> and if we can attract 100+ people I think we can afford to fly
> Guido over as well.  I would like to see him on a panel
> getting equal billing with Stroustrup and whoever the Java luminaries
> are :-)

How about Guido on a panel with Stroustrup?

I like the idea of a Europython 2. How many people were there at 
Europython anyway?

> p.s. I am away until September 1st so cannot join you in
> the pub.  Sorry.

So we'll just have to do it again...
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