[python-uk] Last Thursday's meet - roll call.

Chris Miles python-uk@python.org
Tue, 20 Aug 2002 01:44:50 +1000

On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 02:01:22PM +0100, dale@riverhall.co.uk wrote:
> A routine which uses an attached mobile phone was discussed. I understood
> the source was available.

Indeed it is, look at:

Currently supports Siemens M1/M20 GSM modems, but it shouldn't be too
difficult to add others.  I will very soon be adding support for a
Wavecom WMOD2 which I have sitting on my desk.  Will also take that
opportunity to update the software a bit and add the much-awaited SMS
receive functionality.

For those interested, the code is a good (maybe?) example of Python
doing serial port work, as well as simple threading.

Some of my other Python projects are:

EDDIE - system/network monitoring tool, http://eddie-tool.net/
Radical - Radius packet decoder, http://psychofx.com/radical/
ElvinRRD - remote RRD database updates using the Elvin messaging
  protocol, http://psychofx.com/elvinrrd/

Elvin may be of interest to some you software guys.  It is a very robust
and efficient subscription-based messaging platform/interface/protocol.
See http://elvin.dstc.edu.au/ (I didn't write it)

Well that's enough links for one day.

And yes, I was the Aussie guy in the red cap!


Chris Miles