[python-uk] Last Thursday's meet - roll call.

Simon Brunning python-uk@python.org
Tue, 20 Aug 2002 11:48:32 +0100


Prototype of the meet date function:

import mx.DateTime

def getNextBoozeupDate(relativeDate=None):
    """Return the date of the next Python South-East UK booze up as an
mx.DateTime.DateTime object."""
    relativeDate = relativeDate or mx.DateTime.today()
    thisMonthsBoozeupDate = getMonthsBoozeupDate()
    if thisMonthsBoozeupDate >= today:
        return thisMonthsBoozeupDate
    nextMonthsBoozeupDate = getMonthsBoozeupDate(month=today.month+1)
    return nextMonthsBoozeupDate

def getMonthsBoozeupDate(year=0, month=0):
    """Return the date of the Python South-East UK booze up in a given month
as an mx.DateTime.DateTime object.
    Optional parameters year and month default to the current date."""
    today = mx.DateTime.today()
    year = year or today.year
    month = month or today.month

    boozeupDate = mx.DateTime.DateTimeFrom(year=year, month=month) +
mx.DateTime.RelativeDateTime(weekday=(mx.DateTime.Thursday, 2))
    if boozeupDate.day == 8:
        boozeupDate = boozeupDate - 7

    return boozeupDate        
if __name__ == '__main__':
    print getNextBoozeupDate()

Needs a bit of testing, and I'll also wrap it up in a CGI, along with a
venue generator. For this, I'd like 12 suggested venues, with a URL for
each. A couple more near Paddington, perhaps one in Reading and another in
Oxford, one in South London near the Reportlab boys, that sort of thing. I
can come up with a list if need be, but suggestions would be welcome.

Well, I only need 10 actually, 'cos Chris and I found one good place -
<http://www.cubana.co.uk/main.phtml>, and I know South London pubs rather
*too* well.

Simon Brunning
TriSystems Ltd.

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> Hi
> I was there too. Cant make this thursday, or next.
> I seem to recall we discussed the definition of the python_uk_meet
> function. Has anyone a working implementation yet?
> As for the SMS stuff. There used to be a whole free wap/sms gateway 
> here http://www.kannel.org. , though this has nowt to do with python.
> Jon
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