[python-uk] Python UK conference 2003

Duncan Booth python-uk@python.org
Fri, 06 Sep 2002 09:26:28 +0100

On 5 Sep 2002 at 22:14, Andy Robinson wrote:

> So, time for action!  We need to form a committee, establish 
> responsibilities and then prepare a call for papers.  
> Anyone willing to do any kind of useful work, please
> offer away....  

Ok, put me down for doing something useful.

One I thought we could maybe have done better last time was publicity 
of the Python event. I don't know if we generated any press releases, 
but I would have thought we should be able to get mentions in some of 
the magazines etc. It might also be worth trying to get an article on 
Python into the Guardian Online supplement.

I want to volunteer for to talk as well: I can do another introduction, or 
talk about TDD (that could come under the cross/language theme).
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