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Sun, 8 Sep 2002 10:57:59 +0100

I've been on hols and just catching up.

Put me down for a chat on something.

Don't know what yet but I love the stress. (I'm lying.)

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Speak of the devil.  I had talks with the organisers 
(Francis and Sue) yesterday and am working on a draft call 
for papers. I am meeting Susan Bennett tomorrow morning to
confirm, but provisionally Guido will attend and they will 
cover his costs.  They want it as big as possible and we know
250 people is possible know - especially with someone else
doing the work and us having time to advertise it.  There should
definitely be a few 'crossover' talks on cross-language programming,
C/C++/Java integration and so on.

The first issue is what to call it.  My own feeling is that 
we should make this "EuroPython 2" and see if the guys in 
Charleroi would do "EuroPython 3" in October some time, so 
we have 2 big events 6 months apart.  Guido likes this too.
I will try to call the Aragne people and informally sound
them out on this, and then post there and the EuroPython list
with everything I have found out tomorrow morning.

Have to rush now...

- Andy Robinson

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>  I'd like to get some views on length and content for
> the Python UK conference which we hope will be part of
> ACCU 2003, this time at the Holiday Inn on Pear Tree
> Roundabout, Oxford from April 2nd till April 5th. Last
> year there was a Python track which lasted 2 days, and
> perhaps we should do the same again. This would be a
> good time to hear your views - about timings, content,
> speakers ...
> I wait with bated breath
> Tim
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