[python-uk] Python South-East UK booze-up

Simon Brunning python-uk@python.org
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 11:39:39 +0100

> From:	seb bacon [SMTP:seb@jamkit.com]
> Simon Brunning wrote:
> > I didn't know that there *was* an upstairs. Since you obviously know the
> > place better than I, which do you recommend?
> Well it's a small and very popular pub without much seating. the 
> upstairs bar is also small but we may get a better chance of getting to 
> sit down up there.  seeing as thursday night can be pretty busy, i was 
> thinking of turning up earlier than 7 to secure a spot.
Hokay, upstairs it is.
> > Just look to the big bunch of nerds - can't miss us. ;-)
> nerds grazing in a large pack are easy to spot.  however, one or two 
> lost nerds who've arrived early can be very bad at locating each other. 
>   i'll use the unmistakeably-nerdy-t-shirt strategy.
You'll know me by my tin of spam. No, really.
> anyone else able to make it earlier than 7?
Well, it would be rude to leave you on your own... ;-)

I'll try and get there between six and half-past.
> seb
Simon B.

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