[python-uk] How to pass array from C to python function

Praveen Patil python-uk@python.org
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 14:43:11 +0100

Hi ,

I have problem in passing array to python function.
Please help me passing array to python function.

Here is my  'C' program

void  RECEIVE_IL_STATE_S( int Instance , int vital_data[5])
    PyObject* ret;
    PyObject* mylist;
    int count;
    mylist = PyList_New(5);
    for (count=0; count< 5; count++) {
          myint = PyInt_FromLong(vital_data[count]);
    arglist = Py_BuildValue("O", mylist);
    ret = PyEval_CallObject(my_callback , arglist);

Here is my Python program

G_Logfile          = None

def TestFunction(a):
    G_Logfile = open('Pytestfile.txt', 'w')
    G_Logfile.write("%d \n"% a[0])
    G_Logfile.write("%d \n"% a[1])



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