[python-uk] FW: To all UK Python Users

Phil Hornby phil.hornby at accutest.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 13:59:37 EDT 2003

Not sure how many of you subscribe to the main python list...i know I am
starting to get sick of being so swamped....

But here is something you might be interested in....thought it might be
worth posting to here too...as someone else suggested it might be better to
continue the thread in here...

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I have noticed that there does not seem to be a Python User Group anywhere
in the UK. Therefore, I would like to put that to rights. I am willing to
donate space on one of my web servers if there is sufficient interest. If
anybody is interested in joining with me to set up a UK Python User Group
please contact me at john at rygannon.com

Best Regards
John Dean


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