[python-uk] I guess I just quadruples the activity...

Marek Isalski Marek.Isalski at smuht.nwest.nhs.uk
Thu Aug 14 14:25:47 EDT 2003

>>> phil.hornby at accutest.co.uk 14/08/2003 12:54:16 >>>
> What sort of things are you using Python for?

It's good to keep talking...

I've been using Python for a number of years, starting at University (we were taught Java) and through two jobs now.  Currently I work for the NHS heading up some localised software development.

The biggest project to date has been a backup snapshot of our PAS (Patient Administration System) -- our live one is hosted off-site with redundant connectivity et cetera.  But sometimes, even HP get things wrong and we're without our database of almost 3.0 million patients' details (1.5 million are active), casenote tracking information (about 6 million entries for 4.5 million sets of casenotes -- some of these have been "merged" and some are for "inactive" patients i.e. moved out of the local area).

Nightly, a Win32 box copies the data from Oracle/AIX in the live PAS to our Firebird/Linux database box.  (Win32 because I haven't got a working compiled Oracle DB module for Linux, and it's not seen as worth my time to move it all onto the one box).  Database is sitting pretty at about 9 gigs.

Python CGI scripts on Apache/Linux provide access to the appropriate staff so they can look up (but not re-enter/edit) relevant information.  Oddly, staff seem to prefer the web UI compared to the telnet-onto-a-unix-box that is what they get with real PAS (not had comparison made with the previous backup system where you go read microfiches in the basement that is our medical records' department).


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