[python-uk] I guess I just quadruples the activity...

Matt Goodall matt at pollenation.net
Thu Aug 14 14:40:33 EDT 2003

Phil Hornby wrote:

>What sort of things are you using Python for?
Anything I can, it's difficult to use anything else once you start.

>I have only started using Python 6-9 months ago.
Life story time ... started using Python about 4 or 5 yours ago although 
it was Zope stuff then. Discovered the true pleasure of coding in 
Python, moved job and then didn't get the chance to do much more with 
it. I was stuck in a J2EE world for years although, fortunately, a 
colleague was also a keen Python user so we paired up to play the role 
of the annoying bloke in the corner who keeps saying, "well, if this 
were Python ...".

Got the chance to use Zope again 2 years ago and more recently decided 
to do "raw" web development in Python, having got really annoyed with 
PHP once too often.

>Are most people out there in the UK using Python for web based systems or
>Linux/Unix based apps?
Mostly web right now but I keep thinking about apps I would like on 
Linux and I would definitely write those in Python too if I had the time 
to right them at all.

Cheers, Matt

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