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Tim Couper drtimcouper at
Thu Aug 14 14:39:23 EDT 2003

The UK is a big place - regional informal pub/office
meetings might work well - the former certainly have
when there's something going on in London (like
planning a UK conference). If there's interest in an
event in Lancs/Yorks, why not have a get-together in
one of Sheffield/Leeds/Manchester? Likewise, for those
in the Scots Lowlands, at least, Edinburgh and Glasgow
folks could meet up? And the West Country ... and
Wales ... and anywhere else I haven't mentioned, that
I might offend - apologies in advance :-)

So I'll stick my neck out: Any volunteers willing to
host such events ([eg suggest a pub/office, time (and
be there) :-) - maybe plan for Sept as hols, etc just
now] please step e-forward). Then others please
respond as to whether they can make it :-)

And if just "hanging out" and "getting acquainted"
isn't a sufficient incentive for folk to come, why not
arrange for some to give a 5 minute "lightning talk"
about what they're doing with Python/Jython, and the
current set of insoluble opportunities that they're
facing ... I'd be up for coming to a Lancs/Yorks and
Edin meetings in Sept/Oct .. so there's a threat!

Please feel free to ignore all such organising
suggestions ... :-) Just trying to help ... 


 --- Matt Goodall <matt at> wrote: > Phil
Hornby wrote:
> >Poor you that is TOO far North!! :p
> >
> How does Leeds sound then? It's bang in the middle
> of everyone and just 
> happens to be where I'm based ;-).
> >>I would much prefer a manchester/sheffield based
> one...London is much too
> >>far south...;)
> >>    
> >>
> >Too far south?
> >
> >I'll give you too far south, from here in Edinburgh
> ;)
> >
> >Kevin
> >
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