[python-uk] Re: python-uk Digest, Vol 1, Issue 79

Alan James Salmoni alansalmoni at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 14:50:56 EDT 2003

>Are most people out there in the UK using Python for web based systems or
>Linux/Unix based apps?

I'm using Python mostly at University for some statistical analysis / data
preparation stuff, but also for writing cool scripts that saves me so much
time in my research. What would take me weeks by hand now takes a few hours,
and that includes writing everything from scratch. And the best bit? After a
few months of neglect, I can go back to the code and understand what it does!

I have to use Windows NT at work, but at home I rely on Linux (mainly) with
Win98. I also use Python for a couple of OS applications that I've knocked up
(statistics and web browsing behaviour tracking, which isn't actually a web
based system).

Just out of curiosity, does anyone on this list get paid for writing open
source software? I'm also curious as to how many people have jobs that pay
for Pythoneering specifically as opposed to those who use it for fun or
because it's a good tool that makes our lives easier.

Maybe this list is so quite because Python is so good? We can actually finish
our work and get on with the important things in life like getting down the
pub with our friends and having a life instead of being stuck in an office
all day and night?

btw -- I found a Python job on the Reed website -- not sure if everyone knows
about it, but here's the URL:


Alan James Salmoni
SalStat Statistics

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