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Phil Hornby phil.hornby at accutest.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 15:16:56 EDT 2003

Well I might be interested in trying to organise something....but not for a
month or so...as have my hols coming up...and then the mrs has lots of
things she has volunteered me for so need to do them....

Plus have to make sure you are all freaks....;) Please note the missing NOT,
as meeting normal people would be boring....

Just to see if there would be any point in trying it...how many people are
there that could/would like to make it to a meets/greets session in a pub in
the Manch/Sheff/Leeds area??

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The UK is a big place - regional informal pub/office
meetings might work well - the former certainly have
when there's something going on in London (like
planning a UK conference). If there's interest in an
event in Lancs/Yorks, why not have a get-together in
one of Sheffield/Leeds/Manchester? Likewise, for those
in the Scots Lowlands, at least, Edinburgh and Glasgow
folks could meet up? And the West Country ... and
Wales ... and anywhere else I haven't mentioned, that
I might offend - apologies in advance :-)

So I'll stick my neck out: Any volunteers willing to
host such events ([eg suggest a pub/office, time (and
be there) :-) - maybe plan for Sept as hols, etc just
now] please step e-forward). Then others please
respond as to whether they can make it :-)

And if just "hanging out" and "getting acquainted"
isn't a sufficient incentive for folk to come, why not
arrange for some to give a 5 minute "lightning talk"
about what they're doing with Python/Jython, and the
current set of insoluble opportunities that they're
facing ... I'd be up for coming to a Lancs/Yorks and
Edin meetings in Sept/Oct .. so there's a threat!

Please feel free to ignore all such organising
suggestions ... :-) Just trying to help ...


 --- Matt Goodall <matt at pollenation.net> wrote: > Phil
Hornby wrote:
> >Poor you that is TOO far North!! :p
> >
> How does Leeds sound then? It's bang in the middle
> of everyone and just
> happens to be where I'm based ;-).
> >>I would much prefer a manchester/sheffield based
> one...London is much too
> >>far south...;)
> >>
> >>
> >Too far south?
> >
> >I'll give you too far south, from here in Edinburgh
> ;)
> >
> >Kevin
> >
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