[python-uk] Oxford Python conference next year

Andy Todd andy47 at halfcooked.com
Wed Sep 10 10:24:45 EDT 2003

Andy Robinson wrote:

> At last, a genuine non-spam post....
> I am told the ACCU event next year will be held on April 14-17 in
> Oxford (Wednesday to Saturday).  Python can have 2 days again,
> and they also hope to have a 1-2 day "open source" track (for
> general discussion, not obscure specific projects). 
> The immediate action is to set the days of the Python track;
> they will formally announce the event in a week or two then
> it is time to activate our planning machinery...
> My preliminary feeling is that Python should occupy Friday and
> Saturday.  This lets people from Europe cross a Saturday and
> get cheap tickets, means only one day off work is needed
> for people whose boss did not send them, and leaves time
> to do some tourism for those from out of town.
> Anyone agree or disagree?
> Thanks,
> Andy Robinson

+1 for Friday and Saturday.

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