[python-uk] Python Hosting

andy at reportlab.com andy at reportlab.com
Thu Sep 25 06:48:45 EDT 2003

> Hi
> Does anyone have any recommendations for reasonably priced python hosting
> please. I need a small amount of space < 100mb, with MySQL database, and
> SSH access.
> Thanks in advance
> Darwin Peltan

We use pair networks (www.pair.com).  Webmaster
accounts ($29 per month or thereabouts) give you
full use of the C compiler, Python, 5 hosted
MySQL databases which also allow ODBC acces,
and loads of other goodies.    There are
cheaper options, but these guys are excellent.

One and One (www.oneandone.co.uk) will actually
give you a root linux server for GBP 29 per month
- I have not tried them but seems very good value.

- Andy Robinson

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