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Dave Kirby dkirby at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Sep 25 15:48:06 EDT 2003

>From: Darwin Peltan <darwin at element12.net>
>Subject: [python-uk] Python Hosting
>Does anyone have any recommendations for reasonably priced python hosting
>please. I need a small amount of space < 100mb, with MySQL database, and
>SSH access.
>Thanks in advance
>Darwin Peltan

[I am resending this in plain text, since HTML seems to screw up in digest 
mode - my apologies to anyone who gets it twice]

I am currently switching to  Zettai.net.   They are cheap, starting at $29 
per year for basic hosting which includes 1 domain, 200Mb storage, 
2Gb/month transfer, Python 2.1.3 & 2.3 and a host of Python packages.  They 
also have a range of options up to dedicated Zope servers from $290 pa.

They specialise in Zope and Python, and the support is top notch.

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