[python-uk] Python-UK Meetup Thursday 7pm

Chris Miles chris at psychofx.com
Wed Apr 7 07:47:58 EDT 2004

Hi, even though python.meetup.com didn't get enough responses to
confirm the Python-UK meetup tomorrow night, some of us are still
going to go along to encourage some local Python chatting.

If you have a chance come along tomorrow night, from 7-8pm at
least, at the location mentioned below.  I'll put a "Python
Meetup" display on the table so you should be able to find us.

" ".join(("See", "you", "there!", "")) * 10

Chris Miles

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Python Meetup <python at meetup.com>
> Date: 1 April 2004 20:04:34 BST
> Subject: Python Meetup Venues and Agenda Items
> *Please Do Not Reply to This Message -- For Help, See Below*
> Your Python Meetup is happening in London, England on Thursday,
> Apr 8 @ 7PM!  RSVP now to join other Python Programmers.
> Your Meetup in London, England is at:
> The World's End
> 174 Camden High St.
> London, NW1 0NE
> 020-7482-1932
> Please RSVP here:
> ** For "YES, I'll be there" go to:
> http://python.meetup.com/rsvp/?e=1900747&v=13220
> ** For "NO, I can't make it" go to:
> http://python.meetup.com/rsvp/?e=1900747&v=-1
> NOTE: Meetup will be cancelled if fewer than 5 people say "Yes"

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