[python-uk] Zope job

Seb Bacon seb at jamkit.com
Tue Apr 13 06:02:20 EDT 2004

Hi all,

This is a brief notice that Jamkit is looking for Zope developers. 
Python developers with an interest in Zope will also be considered.

This is a full-time, permanent position with a small, growing, 
London-based web agency.

If you think you might be interested and want details, please email me 
direct at <seb at jamkit.com>.

Thanks & apologies for the spammishness (but there's not many other 
places to look ;-),



    [] j a m k i t
      web solutions for charities

         seb bacon
T:  020 7549 0520
F:  020 7490 1152
M:  07968 301 336
W: www.jamkit.com

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