[python-uk] Re: UK Python Conference 2004- pre-announcement

Andy Todd andy47 at halfcooked.com
Thu Feb 5 10:31:44 EST 2004

Tim Diggins wrote:
> Hi Andy and others,
> as a new-comer, or non-comer, to Python conferences [to date, at least], and
> a previous lurker on this list, can I ask a few questions - 
> Despite the name of the overall conf. - the Python strand isn't primarily
> for C developers of python, right? The paper titles look interesting and
> very python-centric. Coming from a relatively unorthodox computing
> background, I have no C/C++ ancestry to fall back on, and don't want to
> shell out hard-earned dosh on something that would turn out to be too
> incomprehensible. (I mean there's always that risk with any conference, but
> I don't want to stack the odds exceptionally).
> Also, is this list a reasonable one for putting out calls for assistance
> whether (a) python subcontractors or (b) python specific-area
> consultants/mentors - or is there a better place for that?
> Also (while I'm in the flow of asking questions), I'm scrabbling around for
> a replacement UI simulation-building (prototyping) tool (I'm a
> UI/Interaction designer most of the time and I've am dissatisfied by my
> previous and current tools (Director, Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint,
> and hand-rolling various programmatic solutions) and was wondering whether
> anyone had any pointers on papers or reviews of python-based prototyping /
> rapid development frameworks - (like BoaConstructor/Pype/PythonCard) so I
> can balance them against the graphical-ease / designer-focus of things like
> Flash (or Norpath Studio Elements, or Director for that matter). (Ultimately
> I'm looking for a protoyping holy grail, but at least I know that). Any
> pointers or comments useful.
> Hope I haven't gone too widely offtopic, but I'm not sure what's exactly
> ontopic !
> Tim 
> ---------------------------
>   Tim Diggins
>   http://www.red56.co.uk/people/tim


The Python track is designed for Python people, you may also want to 
check out EuroPython (http://www.europython.org/) which is a bit more 
community oriented.

As for prototyping tools, I'm a member of the PythonCard development 
team and would be happy to help/chat/point you in the right direction at 
any time. One of the things we are desperate for is feedback from as 
wide a variety of users as possible. At the moment most of the people 
using the package are programmers so your input would be very useful.

Take a look at the web site (http://www.pythoncard.org/) and/or sign up 
to the mailing list 
(http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/pythoncard-users) for a 
wider audience.

Andy Todd
 From the desk of Andrew J Todd esq - http://www.halfcooked.com/

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