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She was transferred to a specialized rehabilitation hospital in the San
Francisco Bay area. Whatever therapies could be applied to her case were
used. The therapists were charmed by her undefeatable spirit. They taught
her about imaging - about seeing herself walking. If it would do nothing
else, it would at least give her hope and something positive to do in the
long waking hours in her bed. Angela would work as hard as possible in
physical therapy, in whirlpools and in exercise sessions. But she worked
just as hard lying there faithfully doing her imaging, visualizing herself
moving, moving, moving!
How many of us get snowballed by what a man says to us? All those sweet
nothings he whispers, the perfect comment at the perfect moment, and the
feelings those words give us. But how many of us actually put more weight or
at least equal weight on what they display for actions? I¡¯d venture to say
not many of us. 

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