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p jorjun at mac.com
Tue Jun 29 23:19:55 EDT 2004

Sorry for a late response, but my view is that a programming language 
is most likely to perform better in the most advantageous context, [cue 
for a crummy visual analogy of tomato plant in various soil 

This is a crucial fact which goes largely ignored by those looking at 
Linux-only options.

 From what you are saying, you do NOT want to spend precious developer 
hours (render graduate brain cells) coding your way into scaleable 
'paradigms'.  Surely the Pythonic value of keeping things as simple as 
possible will pay dividends in allowing the development of a lasting 
software asset, rather than one which twists and turns with hardware/OS 
bandwidth improvements.

My controversial and ferociously unfashionable opinion is to choose 
IBM, spend some money on a platform that will let you leverage ALL of 
the programming languages which have each carved their own special 
niche in different problem domains.

But then to balance this - I am currently unemployed.  So don't listen 
to me. There are about 900 Java jobs posted on-line for every one I am 
interested in doing.

The fact of the matter is that if you want to throw people at the 
problem, then you should go mainstream and opt for Sun / Java
On 19 Apr 2004, at 11:47, Limor Hevroni wrote:

> Hi ,
>  I consider using python as the programming language for an alpha 
> testing project.
> I wonder whether any of you are using python in such a way, what is 
> the best development environment for python, is anyone used python for 
> massive project s with QA tendency ? is anyone used python with 
> TestDirector ?
> I would love to get answers on taht since I am running out if time, 
> development should start very soon.
> The programming language I am considering is python and java, I would 
> love to get more info fro mpeople who use python in a working 
> projects.
> 10x.
> limor hevrony
> Spediant Systems Ltd.
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