[python-uk] Python Programming on Win32

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue Mar 2 10:24:01 EST 2004

> So my question is, can anyone on this list actually 
> recommend/not recommend this book? 

Err, yes but I am highly biased - I still get a couple of hundred
dollars in royalties each quarter :-)

The main thing it does NOT cover is .NET.  I think almost
everything else still works and is relevant if you are working
on Windows and/or working with COM.  There is some minor 
'inaccuracy creep' i.e. one or two directories in Python 2.3 
installation are different to Python 1.5.2, and of course
Mark has continued to add more demos and utilities to Pythonwin.

> If not, are there any alternative references to help develop 
> Python code on Windows platforms?
Not as far as I know; bits in several other books but no major
alternative books for Python on Windows.  


Andy Robinson (who wrote the easy bits...)

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