[python-uk] 3 weeks to go until Python-UK!

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Mon Mar 22 18:00:10 EST 2004

The UK Python Conference 2004 is just 3 weeks away, at
the Randolph Hotel in Oxford, April 16-17 2004 (Fri/Sat).
Come and listen to top Python experts including David Ascher,
Alex Martelli, Samuele Pedroni, Marc-Andre Lemburg, Chris
Withers, Duncan Booth, Armin Rigo and more.


The event follows on from a 2-day Open Source Forum discussing
the key issues in the software industry, with speakers from
IBM, SuSE, MySQL, Zope (Paul Everitt), ActiveState (David Ascher)
reflecting on the state and direction of Open Source Software
and debating key issues such as software patents. Come and make
it a week!


Python companies may be interested in our budget sponsorship package:
a stand and a 10-minute lunchtime talk on the Friday or Saturday Python
track for just £200.  This is an ideal chance to showcase your
skills or solutions to an audience of architects and decision
makers from throughout the UK software development, or to
advertise your Python product.


Best Regards

Andy Robinson
UK Python Conference chair

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