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Richard Taylor r.taylor at eris.qinetiq.com
Tue May 25 02:45:08 EDT 2004

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On Monday 19 April 2004 11:47, Limor Hevroni wrote:
> Hi ,
> I consider using python as the programming language for an alpha testing
> project.
> I wonder whether any of you are using python in such a way, what is the
> best development environment for python, is anyone used python for massive
> project s with QA tendency ? is anyone used python with TestDirector ?

Depends what you mean by massive? I would say that our projects are medium 
sized. We have 6/8 developers. However, our projects run for a long-time (5 
years+) , with common libraries that undergo continuous evolution. 

We use a mixture of C and Python. We tend not to make a distinction between 
alpha testing / beta testing etc. We prefer a more 'eXtreme Programming' 
approach, although we do not follow the dogma of XP to the letter.

When it comes to development environment we generally allow our developers to 
choose their own. Most use emacs some prefer other editors, at present none 
use a Python IDE.

I am not familiar with TestDirector, we use the Python unittest framework 
extensively. We have found that the dynamic nature of Python means you need 
to pay more attention to good unittests than you might with a compiled 
language. You don't want you users running into runtime errors.

Some things that we use: Pychecker, unittest, distutils, coverage.

> I would love to get answers on taht since I am running out if time,
> development should start very soon.
> The programming language I am considering is python and java, I would love
> to get more info fro mpeople who use python in a working projects.
> 10x.
> limor hevrony
> Spediant Systems Ltd.


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