[python-uk] Web Development with Python

Simon Faulkner simon at titanic.co.uk
Wed Dec 14 09:32:12 CET 2005

Andy Robinson wrote:
> CGI is only longwinded if you do it all from scratch; there
> are many nice frameworks and paradigms to give you a head start.
> I have been playing with Django (www.djangoproject.com) and it's
> beautiful.  You essentially declare the database schema in the
> Python model, and you get a very nice web interface for add/edit/delete
> stuff autogenerated for you.  Be prepared to spend half a day
> setting up though.
> The other well-documented approach at the moment is Turbogears
> which includes CherryPy for the web app and SQLObject for
> database management.  Nothing 'for free' but a very clean
> approach.

Cheers Andy,

Just the sort of advice I am looking for.

I have just written a Sage Line 100 front-end so engineers can enter 
jobs on a GPRS PDA.  It works wonderfully but it's hard adding extra 
functionality because it's all raw python and cgi.  If I change the 
database I have to troll the whole app!

I will go and take a read now ty...


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