[python-uk] Web Development with Python

Tim Golden tim.golden at viacom-outdoor.co.uk
Wed Dec 14 10:48:37 CET 2005

[Simon Faulkner]
| [Tim Golden]
| > Might be worth pointing out to Simon that this is the
| > UK Python list, and while I'm quite you'll get
| > helpful answers, this list tends to be used for very
| > UK-specific things such as meetups, jobs etc. Not
| > saying there's anything wrong with posting general
| > Python questions here; just that you'll probably get
| > a wider response from the main Python mailing list / 
| > newsgroup / Google Group (they all mirror to each other, 
| > so take your pick):
| I appreciate the difference but also find that I sometimes get a more 
| measured, mature response from the UK specific groups without anyone 
| yelling "Like, d00d, use PHP man!"

My own experience is that the main Python group is
remarkably mature and uninfested with script-kiddies
and so on. I wouldn't say there are never spats, but
even those tend to be remarkably controlled, and often
informative (in a heated kind of way). By all means
stick to the UK list, but you might want to dip your
toe in the waters of the main list just to see...

| Are there any event's 'ooop north'?

There was talk of one recently, can't remember 
where, in addition to the usual Oxford one.
(Which I've never managed to get to!)
Does this mean you're based up there (says the
Londoner). 'Cos we seem to be going through
a phase of regular meetups in London at the
moment, ie getting together in a pub along
with various other interested parties. You
might want to come along... or organise a
northern equivalent!


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