[python-uk] Web Development with Python

Simon Faulkner simon at titanic.co.uk
Wed Dec 14 13:45:46 CET 2005

> My own experience is that the main Python group is
> remarkably mature and uninfested with script-kiddies
> and so on. I wouldn't say there are never spats, but
> even those tend to be remarkably controlled, and often
> informative (in a heated kind of way). By all means
> stick to the UK list, but you might want to dip your
> toe in the waters of the main list just to see...

You are correct of course.  In fact, I usually get the correct answer to 
my programming problems within minutes.

> There was talk of one recently, can't remember 
> where, in addition to the usual Oxford one.
> (Which I've never managed to get to!)
> Does this mean you're based up there (says the
> Londoner). 'Cos we seem to be going through
> a phase of regular meetups in London at the
> moment, ie getting together in a pub along
> with various other interested parties. You
> might want to come along... or organise a
> northern equivalent!

I'm in staffordshire.  I might take a trip to Oxford next year :-)

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