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Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Dec 16 10:51:12 CET 2005

Simon Faulkner wrote:
>>Zope can be pretty lightweight if you just use plane ZPT, python scripts 
>>and ZSQL methods. When building those kinds of apps, I've never needed 
>>to do any explicit caching.
> Yeah!  But you've got 'Asbestos Underwear'! LOL
> Just read your "Living Hell" presentation - wished I could hear the 
> whole thing.

Ah yes, it was certainly interesting giving that talk at the Plone 
Conference. It's confusing really, the people in the Plone community 
mainly came from the original "Zope Community" and they're great people. 
Just makes me wonder why they rally around such shitty software ;-)

> Opened my eyes a little.  I only use Plone as a simple Intranet server 
> although I have played about with my own site in Plone as an experiment.

...which is about all you can use it for without having to really think 
hard about scalability. That's what it looses over plain Zope... Plain 
Zope will scale a fair old way, and even when you need to take it 
further, it's not "hard", you just throw more boxes into the cluster or 
add some "standard" front end caching with something like squid.

> It's a complicated world out there...

Only when made so by certain "Froducts" ;-)


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