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Sat May 21 10:23:52 CEST 2005

Dear All,
I apologise in advance for taking up your time but would be extremely  
grateful if any of you could take the time to fill out this questionnaire. I am  
doing some market research and need to get as many replies as possible. Simply  
fill out the form and either sned it back as a word document or simply paste it 
 into the body of the email. Please send to  _JohnHannam at Aol.com_ 
(mailto:JohnHannam at Aol.com) 
Market Research and Customer Survey:
1) Name:
2) Male/Female:
3) Age: 
a) 18 to 25
b) 25 to 35
c) 35 to 50
d) 50+
4) Married/Single:
5) Do you have Children/How Many:
6) Are you;
a) Working
b) Not working
c) Studying
d)  Retired

7) Are you a home owner  Yes/No
a) With a mortgage
b) Own  property outright
8) Do you own a property abroad  Yes/No
9) Do you generally take holidays each year:   Yes/No:     How Many:
a) one
b) two
c) more than  two
10) Where do you tend to go: (can answer more than one)
a)  Spain/Balearics
b) Canary Islands
c) Portugal
d) France
e) Greece  & Greek islands
f) Italy
g) Ski holidays in Europe
h) Ski holidays  in Canada/USA
I) South Africa
j) Australia
k) USA
l) Caribbean
m)  Asia/Thailand
11) Are you planning to or thinking of buying a 2nd home in any of the  above 
countries:   Yes/No:                Where:
12) Would you like to own a 2nd home abroad if money were not an issue:  
13) Do you play the lottery:
a) Regularly
b) Sometimes
c)  Never
14) Do you enter competitions or prize draws:
a) Regularly
b)  Sometimes
c) Never
15) Do you gamble using bookmakers or online:
a) Regularly
b)  Sometimes
c) Never
16) Would you ever pay to enter a competition if the prize were  outstanding: 
17) Which factors decide whether you enter a competition or not: (Can  answer 
more than one)
a) How hard or easy it is:
b) The value of the  prize
c) The type of prize
d) How long it takes
e) Where I saw the  competition advertised
f) How much I trust the company offering the  prize
g) How much chance do I have of winning
18) Would you rather: (Must answer one)
a) Pay £5 pounds for a 1 in  50,000 chance of winning
b) Pay £10 pounds for a 1 in 25,000 chance of  winning
c) Pay £25 pounds for a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning
d) Pay £50  pounds for a 1 in 5,000 chance of winning
e) Pay £100 pounds for a 1 in 2,500  chance of winning
19) Would you consider paying to enter a competition to win a holiday home  
of your dreams if you were approx 3000 times more likely to win it than the  
20) What is the maximum you would pay for a ticket:
This survey has been carried out by Sun-Win Homes who may, with your  
permission send you details in the future of how you can win the holiday home of  
your dreams.

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