[python-uk] Python UK 2006

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Wed Nov 23 22:04:48 CET 2005

Simon Brunning wrote:
> Is there going to be a Python UK 2006?

Yes!  Maybe two actually, since John Pinner has been talking about
an autumn one at the "Conservatoire" in Birmingham.

(I must apologize for having been in workaholic-land and am just 
emerging - it was so bad I failed to notice the Morgan Stanley thing 
last week which I'd love to have attended.  I am way behind on 
organising the event this year).

The usual ACCU thing is on Wednesday 19 April to Saturday 22 April 2006. 
Guido is flying over to be a keynote for the whole conference. There 
will be a two-day Python only track, and a day of "dynamic languages"
with talks on Ruby and Javascript.

Things are a bit different this year; it's 'winding down' as they want
to have "python talks on the programme" rather than a "Python 
conference" from 2007, which IMHO makes sense as Python is now
'mature' and part of the landscape.  Also, we all learned that the
Python world wants a cheaper, bigger event which ACCU cannot offer.

At present I have talk submissions from
  - Michael Hudson on PyPy
  - Michael Hudson again on Exception Handling
  - me on metadata frameworks (common themese across Django/Sqlobject/
      various graphics frameworks/validation issues)
  - Andrew Thompson on Python in Finance
  - Steve Holden (subject to be decided)

Also John Pinner is giving a "convert to Python" tutorial on the
tutorials day which should be a big draw.

We have 6 90-min slots and the committee would prefer a small number
of UK speakers, as they are aying to bring Guido on..

I need to get my skates on and firm it up fast.  I'd really love
to have talks on
- Django, Turbogears or a comparison.
- Eggs and setuptools
If anyone can do these or has another idea, I suggest to post this list 
or email me really quickly.  I emailed Simon Willison but haven't heard 

Best Regards,

- Andy Robinson

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