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You can't do that on a lot of native toolkits.
Hickey: As an engineer, I'd love to be able to clean up old and unused
parts of the Swing toolkit and the Java programming language without
having to worry about backward compatibility.
Token Based RestrictionThe XmlHttpProxy and the XmlHttpProxyServlet 
which provides web applications access to the proxy were updated to
restrict access based on tokens.
The Java Enterprise Performance team measured the performance of local
and remote interfaces using a simple test case and with both the client
and application server on the same machine. JSC: What do you do when you
feel stumped?


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The architecture must address complex nonfunctional requirements.
The current look and feel uses bold fonts, something toolkits tend not
to do any more.
The Java BluePrints is helping to determine theprogramming model for
AJAX and Java EE.
In essence if you call this from your JavaScript code you will need a
global function showResults that takes a single argument.
WSTestis a client-server microbenchmark developed at Sun Microsystems
tomeasure the performance of the Java technology web services stack.
Jim: What license are you planning to use?
How long is your text string? Each service has unique requirements so
pick the one that best meets your portal deployment needs. Many
programmers use a Stringobject's length method to get that information.
In addition, this IDE provides a seamless path for students to switch
from educational tools into a full-featured, professional IDE. I've been
catching up on all the great reengineering suggestions in the queue. Did
that inform or influence you as a developer?
You can write a slow application in just about any toolkit.
If you have fewer classes and more XML, you may find that deployment
time is slightly faster.
You will still need to write this type of code by hand, but the IDE
makes the writing go faster. We're fortunate to be able to draw on the
experience of our colleagues who have been involved with these, and
other projects, that Sun has opened to their respective communities.
We're fortunate to be able to draw on the experience of our colleagues
who have been involved with these, and other projects, that Sun has
opened to their respective communities.
James Gosling told me that he included assertions in an early version of
the language, but the rest of the team had him delete them because of
performance concerns. I realized there was a simpler way to do this by
using the built in functionalities of the servlet API using the 
HttpSession API. You can used the same technique to provide fine grained
access to your services and track who uses your services. For this
reason, the JAX-WS stack is referred to as an integrated stack.
Using Default Renderers in JavaServer Faces Technology to Add AJAX
Functionality to Existing ComponentsSkip to
ContentJavaSolarisCommunitiesSun StoreJoin SDNMy ProfileWhy Join?
JSC: What are the keys to well-crafted code? Comparisons of String
literals and constants withthe same char values will always be equal.
Each technique discussed in this blog has its' benefits and pain points.
As the performance of JAXB and StAX improves, so does the performance of
the JAX-WS stack.
In the second case, dynamic lookups were use More importantly the
callback parameteris set to the name of the method you want called. The
user's personal preferences are stored in a collection attribute,
mashupUrls, in the portlet preferences that are defined in the portlet.
Note: Several of the figures abbreviate the word transactions as tx or
URL Based Restriction - Based on the URL in which the JavaScript is
executed you can restrict access to a service. There's a big difference
between making it work really quickly for me and actually designing it
flexibly. Consider your clients and motivations before using these
techniques. xml file, as follows. The form is submitted asynchronously
using Dojo, through Shale Remoting, and it is consumed by the
FileUploadHandler. Creating a Mashup PortletThis section shows you how
to create a sample portlet, named MashupMapPortlet, that overlays
geospatial information from data sources on an AJAX-enabled map. The
coding productivity features work with both project types.

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