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Zaninotto outlined four main drivers that added complexity to amanufacturing or software development effort. True long-term simplicity requires planning, planning requiresreviews, and reviews require documentation because feedback from code comestoo late.
In general we keep the build serversin the same site as the majority of developers, but remote sites canfind it takes an annoyingly long time to get a fresh update from themainline.
I don't knowif Rubyists will agree. Lessons LearnedUse Continuous Integration to Avoid IntegrationHeadachesI've heard several stories about problems with integratingthe work across multi-site teams.
The mechanism that stand-ups use for communicating thestatus is a differentiator.
Whenthings are going right, there isn't much direction or facilitationrequired for the stand-up. The biggest difficulty with flexible systems like the Toyota system isthat they may not converge. One of the quotes that I find particularly appealing when Ithink about the need for patterns that that part of interest inpatterns came from ".
I use thempublicly because I believe that the tools thathelp me can be useful to others too. Thedifferent examples of the same pattern can help illustrate commonthreads. Itprovides an easy way to catch up on what's going on at the other endof the world. If the interferenceis severe enough, the team members may not bother using the stand-upto communicate project issues and either create an alternate mediumor not communicate at all.
, personal issues, productionsupport problem, etc.
Evans embeds the patterns into the flow ofa general narrative book.
The weakness of use cases in planning is that they don'tgive you clear units to tick off so you can assess progress andproject consequences of choices into the future.
Despite my liking for patterns, I don't think that patterns arethe right approach for all situations.
Good development practices are vital to fulfilling thepromise of agile development. Patterns should have recurrence, which means the solution mustbe applicable in lots of different situations. Gifts, particularly those that help spread culture, arealways worth bringing.
The solution provides a useful focus for the chunking. I prefer to err on the side of being too simple.
Same Place, Same TimeWe want the team to have a sense of ownership of the stand-up. In Extreme Programming Explained Kent saysthat practices are "the kind of things you'll see XP teams doing day-to-day".
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